USAID/Jordan Water Conservation Activity

Incentive Type:Grant Program
Infrastructure, Technology, Research
Eligible Sector:
Financial Incentive
Time Period:
FY 2015
Governing Body:Agency for International DevelopmentJordan USAID-Amman
What’s it worth?:$30,000,000

The USAID/Jordan Water Conservation Activity program provides funding for technical assistance efforts made to support the program. The purpose of this program is to create a national water conservation movement to create a long-term effect of:

  • Significantly decreasing overdrafting of Highland aquifers
  • Increase rainwater capture
  • Farmers to adopt high-value/water-efficient practices

The grant recipient will be responsible for achieving the WCA goals and objectives:

  • Adopting water conservation technologies to change behaviors
  • Improve soil water storage and aquifer recharge
  • Strengthen intuitions to promote water saving technologies

To obtain these goals and objectives the WCA has developed a deliverables schedule that must be adhered to upon agreed upon terms. The deliverable schedule is divided by objective and clearly identifies the expectations of the grantee.

Eligible participants include any applicant that can provide:

  • All the NOFO requirements
  • Meet eligibility standards
  • Provide proof of established

– Financial management
– Monitoring
– Evaluation processes
– Internal control systems
– Polices
– Procedures

There is $30 million dollars available that will be allocated, actual funding awards are based upon availability. Agreements are expected to continue over a five year duration from the date the grant becomes effective. The program requires a minimum 10% cost share which may include cash or in-kind donation.