Training and Development

Swanson Reed will provide technical update sessions to your staff on changes to the R&D tax credit including a range of R&D issues that may arise during the R&D engagement process. Our experience has shown that an important way to maximize an R&D return is to increase staff awareness of the benefits of claiming the R&D tax incentive for your company.

We facilitate nationwide workshops and seminars that include:Shake Hands2

  • Identification of eligibility for your company’s projects under the new R&D tax incentive regime;
  • Education on the types of activities that are eligible for the incentives, using case studies from successes in your industry;
  • How we will work with you to proactively identify and track R&D projects going forward;
  • What expenditure can be claimed;
  • What substantiation is required to support each claim; and
  • The commercialism, confidentiality and the potential benefit to your company.

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