AMS Corp. Receives Funding for Nuclear Research

Analysis and Measurement Services Corp. (AMS), a Knoxville-based nuclear engineering firm, will receive approximately $2.8 million in funding from the United States Department of Energy. This funding will support extensive research on testing electrical cables in nuclear reactors, specifically for age-related wear.

AMS Corp is one of the eleven firms across six states that received a collective funding amount of $18 million to boost advanced nuclear technology development in the United States. Rick Perry, the US Secretary of Energy stated that nuclear energy plays a critical role in achieving clean energy and economic objectives. Perry further added that the funding epitomizes the collaborative efforts crucial to the development and implementation of local innovative nuclear technologies. AMS is a global nuclear engineering consultancy firm that specializes in the testing of power-plant-related equipment.

A point worth noting is that AMS Corp expects the studies and tests to cost around $3.5 million. From this, approximately $700,000 will stem from sources other than the Department of Energy. The different projects by the winning firms are to be cost shared and hence will give room for high-level collaboration by stakeholders. These include participants from private and public laboratories, institutions of higher learning as well as local entities.

This round of grants is the third since April. It leads to a total of $98 million, with more to be distributed over the next four years on a quarterly basis. As such, it is clear that research and development (R&D) in the state of Tennessee is on the rise, and the concerned stakeholders are actively playing their part in respect to nuclear innovation, research and testing.

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