Arizona Patent of the Month – June 2023

In the field of orthopedics, advancements in surgical techniques and equipment are constantly being made to improve patient outcomes and enhance recovery. One notable innovator in this space is Fusion Orthopedics, LLC, a company at the forefront of developing the tools needed to bring stability to improving outcomes. Their solutions offer a range of applications, including procedures to correct deformities and reposition bones in a desired orientation.

The core focus of Fusion Orthopedics’ technology lies in the development of systems that facilitate bone fusion using absorbable pins. The system consists of a male drill bit and a female drill bit, each designed to create specific features at the ends of adjacent bones that require fusion. The female drill bit forms a protrusion on one bone, while the male drill bit creates a complementary recess on the other bone. These features enable precise alignment of the bones while they are reassembled.

To ensure the stability and healing of the fused bones, Fusion Orthopedics employs absorbable pins. These pins, made from materials that dissolve naturally within the body, provide structural support during the healing process. Additionally, some of these pins incorporate osteogenic materials, which stimulate bone growth and accelerate the fusion and healing process. The absorbable nature of these pins eliminates the need for a follow-up surgical procedure to remove them, significantly improving patient experience and reducing potential complications.

This method is particularly effective for treating Hammer Toe and like conditions which require the toe to be straightened and realigned.

Fusion Orthopedics’ system offers numerous benefits to patients and surgeons alike. By providing a reliable and efficient method for bone adjustment, their technology enhances surgical precision and reduces the risk of complications. The absorbable pins and simplified surgical process contribute to shorter recovery times and improved patient satisfaction.

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