Arizona Patent of the Month – September 2023

TYR Tactical, LLC has operated under a unique motto: INNOVATE OR DIE®. This motto has helped the company to push the standards of today’s tactical equipment and is the primary reason for their newly granted patent.

This design encompasses flexible body armor with a ballistic vest, body armor components, and an exterior framework to create a comprehensive solution for personal protection.

The heart of this innovation lies in its ability to dissipate the force generated by the impact of a ballistic projectile. Traditional ballistic vests rely solely on layers of body armor to absorb and distribute the force, which can lead to issues like back face deformation and limited flexibility.

TYR Tactical’s ballistic vest system takes a different approach. It incorporates an exterior framework that provides structural integrity to the body armor component. This framework not only prevents sagging but also plays a crucial role in enhancing the vest’s protective capabilities.

What sets this framework apart is the material used in its construction. It’s crafted from advanced materials such as polyethylene, ABS plastic, or aramid fiber, all of which are known for their excellent energy-absorbing properties. This means that when a ballistic projectile impacts the vest, the force is not only absorbed by the body armor but also further dissipated by the framework itself.

The framework is designed to match the shape of the body armor component, ensuring a perfect fit. It’s positioned behind and adjacent to the body armor, seamlessly integrated into the ballistic vest. This integration not only enhances protection but also maintains the wearer’s mobility and comfort.

In addition to its structural advantages, TYR Tactical’s ballistic vest system is made from a composite fabric material that combines high-performance nylon with high tenacity polymer fibers. This combination results in a vest that’s not only highly protective but also lightweight and durable.

The framework further improves the vest’s performance by featuring strategically placed openings that aid in ventilation. This helps to regulate the wearer’s body temperature during extended use, preventing discomfort and fatigue.

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