Borden Dairy Company Makes a Comeback with a New R&D Center

Founded more than a Century ago, Borden Dairy Company has re-emerged with new leadership, ownership, a focus on its people, a confident vision to regain its position as the undisputed front-runner in the dairy sector, and a new research and development center that will allow them to launch new, groundbreaking products.

As you may remember, Borden is a legacy dairy firm, credited with inventing the use of glass milk bottles more than 130 years ago and also being the first American Dairy Company to utilize the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Inspection Shield back in the 1960s.

As it makes a comeback, the new CEO at the company is Tony Sarsam, who boasts more than 30 years of experience in the food sector having worked with companies such as Nestle and PepsiCo. Before taking on Borden, he was the CEO at Ready Pac Foods where he managed to guide the firm to an astounding 60 percent growth in less than five years.

Better yet, to help Borden reclaim its position, Sarsam re-established the sales and marketing functions, then added a new R&D team that will help the firm unveil new products.

At the center of this intense comeback is also Borden’s iconic spokes-cow, the Mascot Elsie, who has been awarded a new modern look. Elsie first appeared in 1936, and was soon after named by AdAge as one of the Top 10 Advertising Icons of the 20th Century.

“Despite not having made marketing investments in recent years, the Borden brand still holds a lot of equity, driven by over 150 years of dairy leadership,” said Joe DePetrillo, Borden’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Elsie remains a beloved and iconic representation of this proud heritage with people of all generations. For these reasons, we wanted our brand refresh to be evolutionary in nature rather than revolutionary. We were mindful to respect the familiarity and trust Elsie has earned, while ensuring that our brand stays relevant to today’s consumer.”

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