Delaware Patent of the Month – February 2024

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of weight management, where innovation meets wellness. GOLO, LLC is fighting the standard weightloss industry by targeting the source of the problem. Insulin resistance and muscle loss are key contributing factors leading to slower metabolism and an unreachable goal weight.

Recently, GOLO has been granted a patent for their new approach to weight management. The invention, a weight loss composition meticulously crafted by GOLO, encompasses a blend of natural extracts and chelated minerals, presenting a unique approach to shedding unwanted pounds. The daily dosage includes banaba leaf extract, apple fruit extract, Rhodiola root extract, chromium chelate, magnesium chelate, and zinc chelate.

GOLO has designed the composition to ensure a balance that targets various aspects of weight loss. Chromium, magnesium, and zinc are incorporated in chelated forms, optimizing their absorption and effectiveness within the body. The meticulous dosage ranges specified in the invention provide a tailored approach, recognizing the diverse needs of individuals on their weight loss journey.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. GOLO introduces additional elements to the composition, including gardenia fruit extract, Salacia extract, inositol, and berberine. These supplementary components contribute to the holistic nature of the formula, addressing multiple factors that influence weight management.

What sets this invention apart is not only its meticulous formulation but also the extensive research and development history behind it. With a priority claim dating back to 2017, this weight loss composition has evolved through multiple iterations, each building upon the last to reach the pinnacle of effectiveness.

The comprehensive nature of the invention extends beyond the composition itself. GOLO provides a weight management plan designed to stabilize and optimize insulin levels, elevating the program to a holistic lifestyle approach. The incorporation of a kit with clear instructions emphasizes the commitment to supporting individuals throughout their weight loss journey.

Clinical data presented in the figures showcases the tangible impact of this weight loss composition. From changes in body weight and body mass index to improvements in fasting blood glucose and visceral fat percentage, the results speak volumes about the efficacy of the invention.

GOLO’s weight loss composition represents a paradigm shift in the field of weight management. The fusion of natural extracts, chelated minerals, and a holistic approach positions this invention as a beacon of hope for those seeking a sustainable and effective way to achieve their weight loss goals. As we witness the evolution of weight management, GOLO stands at the forefront, reshaping the narrative of a healthier, more balanced life.

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