Delaware Patent of the Month – July 2023

In the world of laboratory research and scientific experimentation, precision and accuracy are paramount. One critical tool used in laboratories worldwide is the pipette, which enables researchers to dispense precise volumes of liquid with ease. However, traditional pipettes often come with limitations, requiring multiple devices to cover a broad range of liquid volumes. DeNovix Inc., a pioneering research and development company, has tackled this challenge head-on, revolutionizing pipetting technology with their innovative multi-volume pipette.

The DeNovix multi-volume pipette utilizes a motor-driven piston system that incorporates a set of nested plunger elements, providing separate displacement chambers within a single device. This novel design allows for the aspiration and dispensing of liquids across a wide range of volumes while maintaining unparalleled precision and accuracy.

At the heart of this cutting-edge pipette is the fluid displacement assembly, consisting of multiple vacuum chambers and plunger elements. These components work in tandem to create a seamless transition between low and high liquid volumes. The electronic drive unit, controlled by a user-friendly interface, actuates the plunger elements, enabling precise dispensing according to the user’s requirements.

DeNovix’s multi-volume pipette is designed with a multi-tiered spring-loaded ejector mechanism which is located on the pipette body. The design allows for efficient and effortless ejection of pipette tips, enhancing user convenience and workflow efficiency.

With its ability to handle liquid volumes ranging from as low as 0.1 μl to as high as 1,500 μl, the DeNovix multi-volume pipette eliminates the need for multiple pipetting devices in the laboratory. Researchers can now enjoy a clutter-free workspace and reduced costs, while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and precision.

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