Florida Patent of the Month – September 2023

In the world of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), innovation never stands still. The constant quest for better control and safety has led to the development of a groundbreaking invention by Hoverfly Technologies, Inc.: the Constant Tension Tether Management System.

UAV’s are able to hover and are often tethered for safety, communication or even long term power. This increases the ability of these crafts to stay aloft. This provides the benefit of being able to maintain a consistent visual monitoring of a specified area.

Hoverfly Technologies’ system uses a ground station equipped with a sophisticated mechanism to manage the tether’s tension. The system features a spool that supports the tether and two pulleys within the ground station. One of these pulleys is fixed, while the other can move back and forth along the tether’s path. This is achieved using a variable tension spring connected to the movable pulley.

What sets this system apart is its ability to maintain constant tension in the tether. As the UAV maneuvers, climbs, descends, or deals with changing wind conditions, the Constant Tension Tether Management System ensures that the tether’s strain remains precisely where it needs to be.

Traditionally, tethered UAVs relied on skilled pilots or complex sensor systems to manage tether tension. These methods came with high costs and a risk of failure. However, Hoverfly Technologies’ innovation promises to simplify operations and reduce maintenance costs.

With the Constant Tension Tether Management System, the future looks bright for tethered UAV technology. It opens up new possibilities for extended, uninterrupted surveillance and monitoring, making it an invaluable tool in various industries, including security, communications, and beyond.

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