Georgia Patent of the Month – February 2024

Filter dust collection systems are commonly used as an energy efficient approach to filtering large volumes of air to remove materials like wood, insulation material, and polystyrene and 

Engineered Recycling Systems LLC have made a name for themselves at the industry’s top engineers and system integrators in the recycling and dust-control industries. This reputation has been earned by delivering new levels of quality and efficiency. Recently, the company has been granted a patent for their new modular dust collection system, bringing yet another round of improved quality and efficiency.

The patented technology includes a support frame designed to enhance the efficiency and functionality of drum filter dust collection systems. The support frame boasts a unique octagonal design. Octagonal supports, spaced apart in an axial direction, form the structural backbone. Each octagonal support comprises frame members defining an octagon-shaped profile, creating a robust yet versatile framework.

What sets this invention apart is the meticulous attention to detail in the end supports. Positioned at opposite ends of the support frame, the first and second end supports incorporate end covers securing octagon-shaped openings. These covers not only add structural integrity but also introduce inlet openings, contributing to the overall efficiency of the dust collection process.

Intriguingly, the end covers feature a dual-plate configuration, with first end plates covering the upper half and second end plates covering the lower half of the octagon-shaped opening. This design facilitates ease of access and maintenance, allowing for efficient sealing and cleaning of the inlet openings.

The mounting support structures of the end supports play a crucial role in the functionality of the dust collection system. The first end support features a motor mount plate supporting a direct rotational drive, empowering the rotation of the filter cleaning system. On the other hand, the second end support incorporates a roller mount plate with strategically placed rollers, ensuring controlled movement of the outlet conduit and the hollow shaft.

The modular design allows it to be divided into segments interconnected along the axial direction. The interconnected segments share octagonal supports, enhancing structural integrity while providing flexibility in system design and installation.

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