Governor Carney first executive order focused on business

Governor John Carney signed his first executive order on Wednesday introducing supportive measures for Delaware’s startup community.

The executive order establishes a public-private partnership within the Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) and tasks a 14-member working group with finding out how the state can help Delaware’s businesses thrive and attract more talent, as well as “support innovation,” according to a release.

The group will work closely with entrepreneurs and deliver a set of recommendations to the governor this coming April.

“Delaware’s economy is in a period of significant transition, and we must adjust our efforts to compete with other states and countries for jobs and talent,” said Carney in a statement.

The initiative is promising for the startup community, which has long been calling for more support from the state.

“I look forward to seeing who is on the working group and how well they understand the needs of the startup community as a whole,” said Mona Parikh, managing director of Start It Up Delaware and the tech community liaison for UD’s Horn Program in Entrepreneurship, who was present at the signing of the order. “Or how much of an effort they put forth to understand its needs, if they are in fact not well-versed in them.”

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