Hawaii Patent of the Month – September 2020

Hawaii is so often associated with beaches and surfing, so it might not seem like the state for R&D work and manufacturing. When in fact, that makes it the perfect place for innovative surfboards. In September, Mink Systems’ patent for a more stable, accelerated surfboard was approved. The company developed a unique water diffuser system, and then attached this to the board, for improved surfing performance. 

Although prior designs (e.g. tail designs) have provided improvement in the stability, maneuverability, and overall performance of various surfboards, there is still a need to improve stability by addressing turbulence and cavitation problems. Mink Systems’ water diffuser(s) are placed between the fin and the tail end, and can either be permanently attached, or detachable. The water diffusers have rigid hydrofoil structures that are able to modulate the turbulent flow and cavitation caused by known fin systems, as well as provide lift. 

The unique surfboard water diffuser design includes:

  • A flat top, designed for instant release of water without drag.
  • A slanted leading edge for maximum lift.
  • A reverse-foil shape, designed to split and direct water flow off the tail.
  • A tail end contoured and foiled to eliminate drag.
  • Carbon nylon for stiffness and weight reduction, with a flex pattern and weight calculated for performance.
  • A bottom cavity for maximum adhesion, which allows for more surface area for a super bond.

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