Illinois Patent of the Month – April 2022

In an effort to improve traffic flow in cities and reduce emissions from vehicles, many major cities are introducing bike share programs or encouraging cycling as a main transportation method. Not only do bikes have minimal environmental impact, they provide an excellent cardiovascular workout. Unfortunately, most bikes are inefficient and require quite a bit of force from the rider to move forward. CyclaZoom, LLC is aware that this inefficiency is a key limiting factor to getting more people on bikes. To try and overcome this barrier, CyclaZoom has set out to design and develop a bike that more than triples efficiency, making cycling a truly viable alternative.

The design for their human powered vehicle uses a unique transmission which allows for over 90% muscle efficiency. A traditional bicycle maxes out at 24%. This increased efficiency translates to improved speed and the ability to transport a larger load with greater ease.

The transmission system uses pedal sliders in place of a typical rotating pedal. The pedal slide couples to the frame and can be pushed forward and backwards by the rider. When the rider pushes a pedal forward, the slider causes the movement of a power link and ultimately the rotation of the clutch system. This triggers the rotation of both the main drive sprocket and the wheel drive sprocket which in turn rotates the wheel. 

This means the rider simply pushes pedals forwards and backwards rather than forcing it in a rotation. This change in movement translates to improved muscular efficiency. Even with improved efficiency, the bike still offers a great source of cardiovascular exercise. CyclaZoom’s efforts are sure to bring cities closer to their environmentally friendly transportation goals. 

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