Iowa Patent of the Month – February 2024

Concat Systems, Inc. links ideas with technologies to bring new solutions to the people who need them. The company specializes in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning as well as cloud computing and application development. Recently, the company has been granted a patent for an AI approach to image classification.

When selling products online – like used cars or handmade products – buyers often rely on photographs to discern product condition and make better buying decisions. As such, sellers must take quality photos and then sort, label, sequence, and post the images online. While some attempts at automating this process have been made, they are largely costly and only moderately successful. Concat Systems’ solution addresses these limitations.

The core functionality of the invention lies in its ability to receive a series of images, automatically analyze them, and classify them using artificial intelligence machine learning. This goes beyond simple image recognition, as the system identifies specific objects within the images and associates metadata values with each image. The metadata includes classifications and identifications based on the analyzed content.

One notable aspect of Concat Systems’ invention is its capacity to rearrange and display images according to user preferences. Users can provide a predetermined instruction related to the preferred display sequence, and the system utilizes metadata values to automatically arrange and present the modified images accordingly.

The system further excels in image modification. It can relocate foregrounds within images, upscale items using machine learning, add overlays, and even replace backgrounds. The relocation process is not limited to the entire vehicle but can focus on specific sub-items within the images, adding a layer of customization and precision.

Hotspots, associated with identified objects in the images, enhance interactivity. Users can interact with these hotspots to access additional information about specific features of the vehicles, creating a more engaging and informative experience.

The system addresses missing images by automatically identifying them based on predetermined instructions. It alerts users to the absence of certain images, allowing for a comprehensive and standardized display.

Concat Systems’ invention is not confined to vehicle images alone. It has broader applications, exemplifying its adaptability to various scenarios where image classification, modification, and display sequencing are paramount. The integration of AI and ML ensures continuous improvement and adaptation to changing conditions and datasets.

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