Kriya Therapeutics’ $150M Boost to Series C Funding for Breakthrough Gene Therapies

Kriya Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company focused on gene therapy, has secured $150 million for its Series C funding round. This significant funding injection further propels the company’s mission to advance cutting-edge gene therapies and propel its drug development endeavors to new heights.

Having already secured a total of over $430 million in Series C funding, Kriya Therapeutics has now amassed an impressive $600 million since its inception in 2019. With a stronghold in California, the company has been consistently attracting substantial investments, with Patient Square Capital leading a $270 million Series C financing round in May 2022, following $80 million in Series A funding in May 2020 and $100 million in Series B.

Kriya Therapeutics has set its sights on groundbreaking advancements, planning to progress its undisclosed gene therapies into clinical trials. Alongside this, the company is dedicated to further enhancing its computational, engineering, and manufacturing platforms, ensuring that its therapies reach their full potential.

CEO Shankar Ramaswamy emphasized the company’s commitment to efficient gene therapy development, stating, “Our investments in world-class infrastructure and talent have supported our ability to move with unprecedented efficiency in the engineering and production of gene therapies.” With a passion for transformative healthcare, Kriya Therapeutics aims to provide better treatment options for patients battling metabolic, neurological, and ophthalmological conditions.

The company’s diverse pipeline encompasses therapies for metabolic disorders like diabetes and glycogen storage diseases, neurological diseases including epilepsy, and ophthalmological conditions like diabetic retinopathy. The acquisition of Redpin Therapeutics has further strengthened Kriya’s neurological gene therapy portfolio.

Though specifics about its treatments are yet to be revealed, Kriya Therapeutics made a splash at the 2023 American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy Annual Meeting. The company presented ten abstracts detailing its groundbreaking technology and manufacturing platforms, hinting at the transformative potential of its gene therapies.

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