Maine Patent of the Month – February 2024

Casco Bay Molding, experts in injection molding, has been granted a patent for a new solution in feminine hygiene – the Reusable Dual Durometer Polymeric Menstrual Discharge Collection Device. This marvel of engineering is set to redefine comfort, ease of use, and sustainability in menstrual care.

Crafted as a single continuous piece, this disc-shaped menstrual collection device boasts a half-spherical dome catch with a unique hinge mechanism. The continuous flexible hinge, running along the entire circumferential upper portion of the dome, allows for an inverted use position, ensuring adjustability and ease of extraction. What sets this invention apart is the use of two separate polymers with different durometers, optimizing flexibility and comfort.

Manufactured using advanced molding techniques, the device emerges as a single article from two separate mold cavities. The rim section, with a Shore A hardness of at least 45, provides the necessary firmness, while the catch and hinge, with a Shore A hardness of no greater than 35, ensure comfort during use. This dual-durometer approach revolutionizes the conventional menstrual care products, catering to diverse cervix physiologies.

The elongated configuration of the device facilitates both manufacturing efficiency and easy cleaning post-use. The collapsible half-spherical dome catch, enclosed within the rim during use, enhances convenience and comfort. Users can fold the device into a teardrop-like shape, easing insertion compared to traditional options.

In addition to its ergonomic design, the device incorporates antimicrobial substances infused into the dome catch, ensuring hygiene and safety. The ability to fold into a teardrop shape allows for greater ease of insertion, surpassing conventional menstrual collection devices.

Casco Bay Molding’s invention not only offers a sustainable alternative but also addresses the need for a reliable, comfortable, and economically viable menstrual collection device. With a focus on user convenience, adjustability, and cleanliness, this reusable dual-durometer polymeric device is poised to revolutionize feminine hygiene, marking a new era in menstrual care innovation.

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