Maryland Patent of the Month – August 2023

Avident Health LLC has set their expertise on removing communication barriers in cancer care. The company was founded in 2014 when Dr. Maen Farha decided it was time to remove the most challenging aspects of his daily care. Since their founding, the company has developed various solutions to improve communication and collaboration in the field.

Recently, the company has patented their communication platform – a powerful and comprehensive platform that aims to transform the way medical professionals collaborate, engage with patients, and make critical decisions. This platform comes as a ray of hope for the millions of patients battling cancer and other complex illnesses, as it addresses the fragmented nature of care and empowers medical teams to provide more efficient and effective treatments.

The heart of this innovation lies in a web-based data store, seamlessly interfacing with multiple electronic medical records, and aggregating patient profiles. This ensures that all relevant information is readily accessible to clinicians, promoting better collaboration and eliminating the need to chase down scattered data.

A mobile clinician application complements the platform, allowing project leads to define and edit clinical projects with ease. The interdisciplinary collaboration environment within the application facilitates real-time communication among clinicians, enabling secure messaging, document sharing, and tracking of clinical procedures. This dynamic environment ensures that medical teams stay informed and engaged, leading to improved patient outcomes.

One of the platform’s most remarkable features is the aggregated relevant decision driving engine. By employing advanced translation modules and supervised machine learning algorithms, this engine analyzes vast amounts of medical data to generate human-readable, actionable insights. This empowers medical professionals to make well-informed decisions, tailoring treatments to individual patient needs.

Avident Health goes above and beyond to ensure patient data security. Through a state-of-the-art zero-trust-architecture distributed ledger system, patient information remains confidential, guarded against malicious threats. This level of security paves the way for accelerated clinical trials and empowers medical researchers, practitioners, and even patients to access relevant data with permissions tailored to their needs.

The patient help center further enhances patient engagement by offering a user-friendly messaging service and keeping patients informed about upcoming procedures and treatment progress. Patients and their families can rest assured that they are an integral part of their medical journey, with a deeper understanding of their condition and treatment options.

With a web-based administrative dashboard and a suite of comprehensive reports, healthcare providers can track the quality and cost of patient care, monitor compliance with guidelines, and gauge clinician engagement. This data-driven approach helps medical institutions optimize their operations and enhance overall patient care.

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