Massachusetts Patent of the Month – November 2023

In recent years, the landscape of therapeutics has seen a remarkable shift from conventional protein-based therapies to the exciting frontier of nucleic acid-based treatments. Nucleic acids, including siRNA, mRNA, circular RNA, and DNA among others, are emerging as powerful therapeutic modalities for various diseases and medical applications. This transition has brought with it promising outcomes, showing potential to outperform traditional protein-based therapies. However, an essential need arises for sophisticated and targeted delivery systems to ensure these therapeutic agents reach the intended cells, tissues, or organs.

The current lipid-based delivery systems, such as lipid nanoparticles, primarily focus on safeguarding the cargo during delivery. They fall short in emphasizing the crucial nature of the lipids used in the delivery system and often lack a precise focus on localized delivery. This discrepancy in the existing methods has opened up opportunities for innovation and the need for improved lipid-based delivery systems.

ReNAgade Therapeutics Management Inc. is working to tap into the potential of RNA medicine and improve upon existing modalities. Their recently patented approach introduces novel lipids for delivery vehicles within the delivery systems. These lipids have redefined the capabilities of delivery systems. ReNAgade Therapeutics’ tropism discovery platform screens and develops targeting systems for localized delivery, especially to immune cells, of nucleic acid and protein therapeutics.

The pharmaceutical composition comprises polynucleotides that encode proteins of interest and a delivery vehicle containing these lipids. This composition effectively triggers an immune response in the recipient, showcasing the depth of its potential impact.

These nucleotides aren’t just limited to DNA or RNA; they encompass a vast array of sequences tailored to target and inhibit the expression of specific cells or diseases. From Campylobacter jejuni to Ebola virus, ReNAgade Therapeutics offers solutions that cover a diverse range of infectious agents and diseases.

Their method of vaccination against various infectious agents using this innovative vaccine formulation holds promise in revolutionizing preventive medicine. The flexibility in administration routes—ranging from transdermal to intravenous—enables personalized and effective treatment strategies.

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