New Hampshire Patent of the Month – April 2022

The sharper a blade, the cleaner the cut. This is true in every industry from sewing to cooking to metal fabrication. But a sharp blade isn’t the only variable to consider. A blade that is too thin might be sharp initially, but the thinness will eventually undermine its durability and it will quickly dull. The angle of the blade also impacts durability and resistance to dulling with a large angle performing better.

Mound Laser & Photonics Center, Inc. is especially interested in precision cutting capabilities. This laser micro manufacturing company has been innovating the manufacturing of precise metal components for the medical device and defense industries for decades. 

Mound Laser & Photonics has recently developed a chemical etching system capable of sharpening blades with precision. This method uses a metal base to create a variable permeability mask. This mask creates a beveled surface used to form the cutting edge of the tool. The beveled edge can remove material and create the desired angle with incredible control by configuring the permeability mask, base material, chemical etchant solution, time, and temperature. Each of these variables are integral to the quality of the finished product.

Mechanical sharpening using blades or grinding are imprecise, creating geometries with fractures and non-straight edges. Replacing these methods with chemical sharpening is more precise and the finished product is harder and more durable. 

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