New Hampshire Patent of the Month – April 2024

Measured Air Performance, LLC, experts in exhaust fan performance technology, is bringing new levels of efficiency to the field of exhaust demand control systems with their newly patented invention. This system is designed to measure contaminants in exhaust air and optimize the operation of exhaust fans in various environments, ranging from laboratories to industrial settings.

At its core, the exhaust demand control system utilizes a multipoint air sampling system equipped with sensors and flow control elements. These elements include high and low flow rate components that regulate the airflow for both purge and sensing purposes. By accurately measuring contaminant concentrations at multiple exhaust locations, the system can generate a fan setback signal when necessary.

What sets this invention apart is its ability to prevent exhaust fan system instability. Through sophisticated control logic, the system implements a sequence delay mechanism that ensures smooth operation, even when contaminant levels exceed predefined action levels. This sequence delay not only determines the minimum downtime for the fan setback signal but also activates a sensor protective mode to maintain accuracy and reliability.

In the sensor protective mode, the system discontinues air sampling, isolates sensors from the contaminant source, and initiates a tubing flushing function using negative pressure to draw ambient air. This comprehensive approach safeguards the integrity of sensor readings, crucial for maintaining optimal performance.

The exhaust demand control system incorporates additional features to enhance functionality and efficiency. It accommodates high plume fans and exhaust risers, offering flexibility in system design. Moreover, it includes setback override functions based on error conditions, ensuring continued operation even in challenging circumstances.

With its adaptive sequence delay and clean exhaust minimum ACH logic, this system represents a significant advancement in exhaust fan control technology. By optimizing energy usage while maintaining indoor air quality, it aligns with the growing demand for sustainable and efficient building operations.

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