North Carolina Patent of the Month – January 2024

Many people use inhalers to treat conditions like asthma. These inhalers have been designed to disperse treatments in a vapor or aerosol. While these are effective at nebulizing liquids, many are restricted by the types of liquid treatments they can nebulize. One such treatment that is often left out of inhalers is liquid insulin for pulmonary delivery. Aerami Therapeutics, Inc., a medical device company focused on treating cardiopulmonary diseases, has designed a new inhaler style that can effectively deliver aerosolized insulin.

The newly patented technology provides a preservative-free single-dose inhaler and brings a new level of precision and user-friendly experience to the realm of inhalation drug delivery.

The method hinges on a meticulously designed inhaler, a compact housing that plays host to a sophisticated aerosol generator. This generator, featuring a vibratable membrane and a vibratable element, becomes the core of a system that transforms liquid medicaments into aerosolized doses with unparalleled accuracy.

One of the key innovations lies in the integration of a visual indicator within the inhaler. This indicator, strategically positioned alongside the opening for fluid delivery, provides real-time feedback to the user. As the liquid medicament is received, a first light blinks, assuring the user that the dosage is safely within the receiving chamber. The indicator then seamlessly transitions to a second light, signaling the completion of the aerosolization process.

The method incorporates a flow sensor that astutely detects the user’s inhalation, triggering the activation of the vibratable element. This precision ensures that the dosage is aerosolized only when needed, optimizing the efficiency of the inhaler.

The housing includes a funnel that directs the liquid medicament to the rear face of the vibratable membrane. This strategic design, coupled with a slope of at least 30 degrees, ensures optimal delivery and aerosolization performance.

Aerami Therapeutics has not only redefined the dynamics of liquid medicament aerosolization but has also prioritized user experience. The visual indicators, aligned with the mouthpiece for user convenience, make the process transparent and user-friendly. This innovative inhaler design holds great promise, especially in delivering preservative-free doses of insulin for diabetic patients, offering a potential game-changer in the treatment landscape.

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