Psious’ Virtual Reality Mental Health Software could Enhance Telehealth Globally

VR-enabled therapy is a proven way to deliver rapid, lasting improvements in mental health. Multiple clinical trials show how results are at least as good as, if not better than, face-to-face therapy. Psious intends to use VR technology to help improve mental health on a global scale. They have developed an extensive platform with a variety of environments which can be adapted to suit the individual patient. The technology includes sensors to monitor reaction levels throughout the session, helping to assess the patient’s state of mind.

By providing the hardware and software to include virtual reality in psychotherapy, therapists have the opportunity to expose their clients to any treatment plan required. This means phobia treatments are no longer limited by geography or reality, and patients can face their fears from the safety of the office or home. This technology follows scientifically validated studies which prove that virtual reality is beneficial to patients. Patients are able to control and adapt the scenario, regaining control of their own experiences and overcoming fears and anxieties. Psious intends to enhance therapeutic capabilities and decrease therapy drop-out rates with their VR systems.

Psious began their venture in Catalonia, Spain and expanded to Europe and the United States in 2019 following a successful financing period. With the advent of many global stay at home orders following the COVID-19 outbreak, Psious hopes to contribute to the rising need for telehealth and remote patient monitoring.

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