Redefining Email Security: Sublime’s $20M Series A Funding Round

Sublime Security, Inc., the AI-powered, programmable email security platform, has announced a successful $20 million Series A funding round led by Index Ventures, along with participation from previous investors Decibel Partners and Slow Ventures. This funding marks a pivotal moment for Sublime as it aims to further enhance its platform and improve the customer experience amid the rapidly evolving threat landscape in cybersecurity.

Email remains a top security concern for businesses, with the most recent FBI Internet Crime Report revealing that Business Email Compromise (BEC) alone accounted for over $2.9 billion in losses. Against this backdrop, Sublime aims to empower security teams with the ability to detect and prevent a wide range of email attacks, including BEC, malware/ransomware, credential phishing, and more.

Traditionally, email security solutions have offered black box, one-size-fits-all approaches, leaving security teams struggling with false positives and missed attacks. Sublime’s AI-powered detection engine brings transparency and control to email security, allowing organizations to tailor security controls to their specific needs and benefit from community-driven protections as the threat landscape evolves.

Josh Kamdjou, Founder and CEO of Sublime Security, brings a wealth of experience from his background in offensive cyber initiatives, where he identified email phishing as a prevalent vulnerability. Co-founder and COO Ian Thiel complements this expertise with his experience in leading growth at notable tech companies. Together, they launched Sublime in 2019, and the platform has already gained traction among leading security teams at companies like Spotify, Ramp, Vanta, and Brex.

The recent funding round not only validates Sublime’s innovative approach to email security but also underscores the urgent need for effective solutions in today’s cybersecurity landscape. With Attack Score, Sublime introduces its latest feature, leveraging transparent, explainable machine learning to prioritize email threats and aid security analysts in quickly understanding and addressing detected threats.

Sublime’s commitment to empowering security teams with better visibility and control over their email environments positions it as a key player in combating advanced email attacks. As businesses face increasingly sophisticated threats, Sublime’s platform offers a beacon of hope, enabling organizations to mitigate risks and prevent email-borne incidents effectively.

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