South Dakota Patent of the Month – October 2023

Innovations in crop harvesting are paving the way for more sustainable and profitable farming. Hemp Processing Solutions, LLC (HPS) believes a hemp operation is only as successful as their upstream processing equipment. With this in mind, the company is focused on developing biomass processing equipment specifically for the hemp industry.

Recently, the company has been granted a patent for their crop harvesting system which effectively strips the desirable parts of the plant while leaving other parts rooted in the field. This innovation addresses one of the most challenging aspects of farming: sustainably harvesting crops with precision.

The heart of this system is a state-of-the-art harvester apparatus. This harvester is designed to handle a wide range of crops with ease. It receives plants into an intake throat at its front, defining a plant path through the harvester apparatus. The unique design of the harvester housing, comprising two opposing housing shells, guides the plants through the process.

What truly sets this invention apart is the pair of stripping assemblies within the harvester. These assemblies consist of stripping belts adorned with a multitude of fingers. As the plants move through the harvester, these fingers carefully strip specific plant parts without damaging the crops, leaving the remaining parts rooted in the field.

Additionally, the system includes a collection assembly, featuring a pneumatic collection system. This innovative technology uses negative pressure suction to collect plant parts removed by the stripping assemblies. This makes for efficient and clean harvesting.

Hemp Processing Solutions’ invention is not limited to a single crop type. It can be applied to various crops, making it a versatile solution for today’s farmers. This system minimizes waste, maximizes yield, and reduces the need for labor-intensive manual harvesting.

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