Utah Patent of the Month – March 2024

ReddyPort, Inc., a pioneer in respiratory care innovation, has been granted a patent for their invention that promises to revolutionize positive pressure ventilation (PPV) procedures: the PPV elbow. Designed to enhance patient comfort and streamline respiratory care, this innovative elbow redefines the standard for accessing the oral cavity of patients undergoing PPV therapy.

At the heart of the invention lies a meticulously engineered housing that forms the elbow, housing an air supply conduit crucial for delivering pressurized air. The mask connector, ingeniously designed for seamless attachment to PPV masks, ensures a secure and leak-free connection, optimizing therapy effectiveness.

Central to the functionality of the PPV elbow is the access port, strategically integrated into the housing. This access port serves as a gateway to the patient’s oral cavity, allowing clinicians unparalleled access without compromising the integrity of the therapy. Equipped with an access valve, the port maintains a secure seal under ventilator pressure, ensuring patient safety and therapy efficacy.

The brilliance of ReddyPort’s design lies in its versatility and adaptability. With a range of configurations and features, including self-reverting valves and leaflet mechanisms, the PPV elbow caters to diverse clinical needs, providing clinicians with unprecedented flexibility in respiratory care management.

Moreover, ReddyPort’s commitment to patient-centric innovation is evident in the design’s emphasis on patient comfort and safety. By minimizing discomfort associated with traditional PPV masks, such as dry mouth and nasal congestion, the PPV elbow enhances patient compliance and overall satisfaction with therapy.

ReddyPort’s vision extends beyond the device itself, encompassing a comprehensive ecosystem of accessories and modules aimed at optimizing PPV therapy. From appliance adapters to nebulizer modules, each component seamlessly integrates with the PPV elbow, offering clinicians a holistic solution for respiratory care.

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