Virginia Patent of the Month – December 2021

Prior to some procedures, such as colonoscopies, a patient may need to undergo some preparation to clean out the large intestine. The most common method to achieve this is a colonic. Colonic hydrotherapy cleanses the colon by flushing it with fluids, removing waste in the process. If prep is not properly done, the colonoscopy may not be accurate. For instance, it would be difficult to detect precancerous lesions if the colon has not been properly cleansed. However, the prep itself can also be uncomfortable for the patient, leading to side effects like abdominal distension. HyGIeaCare, Inc. has set out to improve these preparation procedures and standardize them in the process.

In their bid to improve colonic procedures, they also intend to reduce discomfort from side effects. Recently, the company has developed a method to limit abdominal distension and alleviate the associated pain. To achieve this, their system uses a water delivery unity with better control over the water supply. The water is delivered to the large intestine, and waste is drained as it is flushed out. Drainage comes through a pipe which has a sensor and camera to continuously measure the amount of drained water. The water supply is controlled against this drained volume to ensure the water in the patient never surpasses a certain threshold. By ensuring there is never too much water introduced into the large intestine, the chance of distension is drastically reduced. Their system has shown to have an effective cleanse within one hour and with reduced side effects. Because of the short timeframe needed to prep, this cleansing can be done at the office rather than at home, achieving better cleanse results right off the bat.

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