Wisconsin Patent of the Month – March 2024

In the world of protective coatings, innovation is a constant pursuit, aiming to enhance durability, adhesion, and application efficiency. Sheboygan Paint Company, a leader in coating technology, has been granted a patent for an invention poised to advance the industry: the curable resin composition.

Sheboygan Paint Company has been around and growing for over 100 years. The independent industrial coatings company has been developing new, high-quality paint and coatings through a continuous commitment to innovation. Their latest patent, the curable resin, is a coating containing triphenylphosphine and aims to enhance adhesion to unprimed surfaces.

This innovative formulation combines meticulous research with advanced chemistry to create a solution that surpasses conventional coatings in performance and versatility. At its core, the curable resin composition comprises components meticulously selected for their unique properties. These include compounds with active methylene groups alongside components containing α,β-unsaturated carbonyl groups.

What sets this composition apart is the inclusion of a triphenylphosphine catalyst, meticulously calibrated to facilitate a Michael reaction between the selected components. This catalyst acts as a molecular facilitator, orchestrating the precise chemical dance required for the formulation to cure under ambient conditions.

The implications of this invention are profound. By harnessing the power of this curable resin composition, Sheboygan Paint opens doors to a myriad of applications across various substrates. Whether applied to ferrous metal, wood, or other surfaces, the coating exhibits exceptional adhesion and durability.

In rigorous testing, coatings formed using this composition demonstrate outstanding performance metrics. Adhesion tests, conducted according to ASTM standards, consistently yield impressive results, surpassing industry benchmarks. Additionally, coatings exhibit remarkable hardness, as evidenced by pencil hardness tests conducted per ASTM D3363.

Beyond its technical prowess, the curable resin composition offers practical advantages in application. With a viscosity profile carefully tailored to mimic that of its individual components, the formulation remains workable for extended periods. This feature provides applicators ample time to achieve optimal coverage without compromising on performance.

The versatility of this invention extends to its formulation flexibility. Sheboygan Paint’s curable resin composition accommodates a range of component ratios, allowing customization to suit specific application requirements. Whether fine-tuning for adhesion strength or optimizing viscosity, this formulation empowers users with unparalleled control.

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