American Axle & Manufacturing to Represent Detroit at IZB International Suppliers Fair

American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc. (AAM) is a Detroit-based manufacturer of automobile systems. The company is representing the city in the IZB International Suppliers Fair to be held from October 16th to 18th 2018 at Wolfsburg Germany.

AAM will showcase its lightweight and fuel efficient powertrain technology. The company is renowned for its innovative technologies in the designing, engineering and production of sustainable technologies. The following technologies will be showcased at IZB:

  • QUANTUM AXLE Technology – This collection of axles focuses on increasing performance and overall efficiency, while at the same time reducing the weight of systems. Additionally, QUANTUM delivers increased power density, reduced mass and improved noise vibration, regardless of the size of the vehicle. The gears in this case are set in optimal positions while the bearings are arranged in a more efficient manner. The performance of the vehicles is significantly boosted through such innovative components.
  • EcoTrac Disconnecting AWD – This is a framework that grants drivers the performance of AWD vehicles with the fuel economy of a front wheel drive. This technology also makes it possible for the driveshaft to have less spinning, translating to fewer emissions and less fuel consumption. This technology was introduced first by the company in 2013.
  • e-AAM Hybrid and Electric Driveline Technology – This powers both electric and hybrid vehicles with one or two electric motors. The technology is able to reduce tail pipe emissions and facilitate a high-performance, all-wheel drive (AWD) experience. Through this technology, a vehicle is able to reach up to 100kph in approximately 4 seconds. The maximum speed is over 300kph.

It is encouraging to see Detroit-based AAM soaring high on the global scene. Through its innovations, the city, state, country and world at large can benefit today and in the future.

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