Arizona Patent of the Month – March 2024

Symple Surgical Inc., a medical device company, is poised to revolutionize the treatment landscape for esophageal conditions, particularly Barrett’s esophagus, esophageal adenocarcinoma, and esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. Their approach utilizes microwave thermal ablation technology to offer a non-invasive and effective solution. The company has recently been granted a patent for their solution.

At the heart of this invention lies a sophisticated microwave generator connected to a microwave emitter. This emitter, carefully designed with a centering link, antenna mount, expansion links, and antenna, is inserted into the patient’s esophagus. Unlike traditional methods, this system utilizes non-contact dielectric heating to selectively target and destroy abnormal esophageal cells while preserving healthy tissue.

What sets this system apart is its precision and adaptability. The microwave generator delivers specific frequencies, ideally ranging from 17 to 18 GHz, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes. The microwave emitter, featuring a direct-fed, patch-type antenna with a predetermined curve, allows for controlled and efficient energy delivery.

The inclusion of a medical balloon inflation mechanism further enhances the system’s efficacy. This positioning balloon, connected to the emitter, holds it in the desired position relative to the target tissue. By creating a deterministic circular lumen within the esophagus, ensures accurate and consistent treatment delivery.

Moreover, the catheter shaft, incorporating power lines and fluid communication channels, facilitates seamless insertion and maneuverability within the patient’s body. This catheter, coupled with a positioning handle, offers physicians enhanced control and maneuverability during the procedure.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. Symple Surgical has integrated various safety features, including temperature sensors, thermocouples, and shielding materials, to ensure patient safety and procedural success. Furthermore, the system’s compatibility with visual tracking mechanisms enables real-time monitoring and precise treatment delivery.

Symple Surgical’s microwave thermal ablation system represents a significant leap forward in esophageal medical therapy. With its precision, effectiveness, and safety features, it promises to redefine treatment standards and improve patient outcomes for individuals suffering from esophageal conditions.

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