Colorado Patent of the Month – November 2023

Greenhouses are often used to improve growing environments for plants, ensuring crops can be grown even in cold weather climates. This becomes more complex when there are large temperature fluctuations throughout the day as these fluctuations create stress on the plants.

Ceres Greenhouse Solutions, LLC, greenhouse experts, have recently patented a design for a greenhouse that thrives where others struggle. Imagine a place with temperature swings so drastic that they could reach 104°F in a single day. These are the challenging environments where traditional greenhouses falter.

The greenhouse is designed with intricacies in mind. The first consideration is the orientation of the greenhouse. By strategically positioning the south wall to face the sun, the greenhouse maximizes sunlight exposure while minimizing temperature extremes.

This greenhouse utilizes a ground-to-air heat transfer (GAHT) system that regulates internal temperatures with precision. No more stress for plants experiencing a rollercoaster of hot days and cold nights. The secret lies in efficiently moderating the greenhouse’s temperature, ensuring optimal conditions for growth.

The walls are designed with smart thermal technology, insulated to retain daytime heat and equipped with a phase change material. This design allows it to become a reservoir of warmth during the night. Imagine a wall that absorbs sunlight during the day and releases it when needed, a dynamic dance that ensures the well-being of the plants inside.

Now, envision an offset gable, a design choice that provides more south-facing roof area. Why does this matter? More roof area means more windows, allowing an abundance of natural light to flood the greenhouse. The south extension of the roof, longer than its northern counterpart, contributes to this balance of light and warmth.

Rather than being limited by a rigid structure, the greenhouse is positioned on a turntable, allowing the greenhouse to rotate with the seasons. In winter, the south wall basks in sunlight; in summer, it faces north, providing shade and preventing overheating. It’s like a natural thermostat, adapting to the needs of the plants throughout the year.

And let’s not forget the reflective surfaces strategically placed within the greenhouse. These surfaces bounce light around, ensuring every plant receives its fair share of sunshine. No more turning plants to catch the rays—this greenhouse has it all figured out.

Ceres Greenhouse Solutions has given us a greenhouse that defies nature’s challenges by using nature as the solution. It’s not just a structure; it’s a testament to human ingenuity, a haven where plants can thrive in the face of adversity. 

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