Colorado Patent of the Month – September 2023

In the fast-paced world of emergency and critical care medicine, precision and efficiency are paramount. Administering the right drug dosage quickly and accurately can be a matter of life and death, especially when dealing with pediatric patients. Certa Dose, Inc. was founded in response to this need. Founder, Dr. Caleb Hernandez, was working in the emergency room when a 5-year-old girl almost died under his watch because of a dosing error. Since then, Dr. Hernandez has been on a mission to protect patients and improve dose administration.

In high-stress emergency situations, healthcare professionals often face the daunting task of determining and delivering precise medication dosages swiftly. This challenge becomes even more critical when dealing with children, where miscalculations can lead to severe consequences. Traditionally, dosage determination involved complex calculations and the risk of errors.

Certa Dose has recently patented a method for the rapid and accurate delivery of medication in sequences. This ingenious medicine dosing device simplifies the process and significantly reduces the room for error.

Key Features of Certa Dose:

  • Visual Dosing Bars: Certa Dose features a substantially transparent vessel for holding medication. On its surface, you’ll find visual dosing bars in distinct colors. These bars are divided into segments, each representing a specific medication volume. They are numbered to indicate the order in which doses should be administered.
  • Color Coding for Patient Size: The first visual dosing bar is color-coded to correlate with the size of the first patient, while the second visual dosing bar, in a different color, is designed for the second patient. This color scheme streamlines the process and minimizes the risk of mix-ups.
  • Transparent Vessel: The vessel’s transparency allows healthcare providers to monitor the medication level, ensuring that the correct dosage is drawn and administered.
  • Simplicity in Critical Moments: Certa Dose’s intuitive design simplifies drug administration during emergencies. Healthcare professionals can focus on patient care rather than complex calculations.

Certa Dose is a game-changer in the world of emergency medicine. It empowers healthcare providers to deliver accurate drug dosages swiftly, even in high-stress situations. This innovative invention by Certa Dose exemplifies how thoughtful design can make a significant impact on patient care, potentially saving lives when every second counts.

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