Congressman Introduces Legislation to Modernize and Make Permanent the R&D Tax Credit

U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady recently wrote a piece for The Woodlands Villager as a guest columnist titled, “Keeping America Safe, Strong and Innovative.”

Brady begins his article by describing the real world we live in today and the everyday threats we face from the terrorism that exists around us.

“In Congress, my most important constitutional duty is the defense of our country and the Americans who live within it. The world is a dangerous place these days. This is no time to allow our military or intelligence to be hollowed out. In the next few weeks, Congress will consider measures to ensure our military and intelligence warriors have what it takes to keep our families and communities safe.”

Two weeks ago, a bipartisan bill was passed by the Senate that  requires Congress to vote on any nuclear deal with Iran proposed by the President before further action occurs.

The House will be voting on the bill next, along with Brady’s  newly proposed legislation to “restore America’s leadership in innovation.”

Brady’s bill will make the Research and Development tax credit modernized and permanent, promoting R&D investment in America instead of overseas.

Brady says the legislation is necessary to “create jobs, breakthrough technologies and economic growth here in the U.S.”

“America is rapidly falling behind our global competitors in research — especially China, which could surpass us by the end of the decade. Unless we act to encourage more U.S. research, our economy will suffer while middle-class families and talented college graduates will see jobs and opportunity lost to foreign countries.”

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