Connecticut Patent of the Month – June 2023

In today’s world, reliable communication of sensor data in austere and remote environments is crucial for various operations, including military, paramilitary, emergency response, research, and aid efforts. However, existing communication methods often face challenges such as lapses in contact and limited bandwidth. This is where ThayerMahan, Inc., a pioneering inventor in the field of remote communications, comes into the picture. ThayerMahan has patented their portable sensor fusion broadcast system which addresses these issues and ensures seamless data transfer.

ThayerMahan has developed a reputation for their ability to collect data on and under the world’s oceans. This expertise has made it possible for ThayerMahan customers to expand their coverage and awareness through data driven insights. Their sensor fusion broadcast system is designed to optimize performance in remote environments. Housed in a weather-resistant and water-resistant case, it includes a display, a communications module, a sensor fusion module, and a broadcast module. The display provides real-time visualization of the sensor data, while the communications module connects to various communication channels, including VSAT satellite links, cellular networks, serial links, and IP-based networks.

A key feature of ThayerMahan’s system is its automated prioritized failover procedure. If the performance of one communication channel drops below a threshold, the system seamlessly switches to an alternative channel, ensuring uninterrupted data transmission. This failover capability guarantees reliable and consistent communication, even in the most challenging environments.

The sensor fusion module plays a vital role in collecting and processing sensor data. It receives data from sensors on vehicles such as GPS data, real-time kinematic heading data, radar data, automatic identification system data, pitch data, roll data, and magnetic heading data. The module logs this data in a non-volatile data store and performs signal synthesis processing to generate a fused sensor data output. This fused data provides a comprehensive overview of the operating environment, aiding in decision-making and enhancing situational awareness.

ThayerMahan’s system also incorporates advanced antennas for enhanced connectivity. With options such as VSAT antennas, azimuthing antennas, and phased array antennas, the system ensures optimal signal reception and transmission. Multiple VSAT antennas can be employed with intelligent load balancing logic to maximize communication efficiency. 

Power management is critical in remote operations, and ThayerMahan’s system addresses this concern with external power connections and an uninterruptible power supply. These features ensure continuous operation even in the absence of traditional power sources. Furthermore, the inclusion of inertial measurement units and rate gyros enhances the system’s accuracy in capturing motion and orientation data.

ThayerMahan’s sensor fusion broadcast system offers versatile display options, including color displays, touch screens, and e-ink style displays. This flexibility enables users to choose the most suitable interface for their specific requirements. The system also provides external display ports, allowing for additional display devices to be connected.

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