Efficient Robotics Launches Revolutionary NTP Screening Workstation that can Screen Millions of Biomolecules and Cells in Hours

Efficient Robotics has recently announced the revolutionary commercialization of its NTP (Nano Titer Pipe) Screening Workstation. The notion of inventing microfluidic systems has never been attempted successfully until now.

Compared to tradition systems this discovery will transform the production, development and distribution of automated microfluidic systems. NTP will be used for ultra-high optimization and analysis of microbial strains, proteins, antibodies, enzymes, cell lines, peptides and mammalian cells.

Through investing in R&D and combining a variety of expertise in biotechnological, sensor technology and mechanical engineering, Efficient Robotics managed to develop the practical NTP Screening Workstation.

Efficient Robotics, founded in 2012, is one of the largest players in developing and commercializing microfluidic systems for chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

The incredible increase in systems throughout coupled with the reduction of required quantities of reagents is what improves the efficient of NTP screening.

President of Efficient Robotics, Dr. Marc Koltermann said “after 15 years of dedicated development efforts, the biotechnology industry now has a commercial microfluidic technology which can process in a serial manner millions of droplets per day including droplet inoculation and precise incubation, assay addition, and incubation as well as sensitive detection and selection.

Efficient Robotics’ NTP Workstation can optimize up to 10 million cells and biomolecules within hours compared to traditional systems that would take weeks and sometimes months.

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