Entrepreneurs build a new type of pack for your back

Entrepreneurs Jack Barley and Kevin Dee aspire to build a new type of pack for your back.

The business partners currently have an existing backpack company based out of a small building in Bozeman’s north side, however Barley and Dee have bigger plans.

Having a background in R&D, the two sat down and hashed out a vision for their new business, one that they hoped would fit in the space between established outdoor adventure brands, such as the North Face, and ones aimed at urban users. Ultimately Barley and Dee want to create a  fantastic functioning day bag, but on the flip-side it has to also work well as an active bag.

The goal for the innovative brand is to launch a product aimed right at the intersection. The bags will bring a level of detail and craftsmanship that you get out of higher mountain brands,  while still appealing to the general market.

In order to gain insight into favorable trends, the company crowd-sourced its development process online, asking followers for feedback on aspects such as color, size and functionality. These followers will receive first access to the company’s kick start, set to begin mid year.

For Barley and Dee much of the inspiration to engage in this R&D project came from the Montana lifestyle and dovetailing of work and play. “I love the fact that you can go for a quick hike in the morning and go to the grocery on the way home, this certainly inspires crossover,” says Dee.

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