European animal health company opening R&D site in Pennsylvania

A European based animal health company is planning the opening of a research and development complex in Lincoln Pennsylvania.

Huvepharma is a Bulgarian based global pharmaceutical company which has a focus on developing, manufacturing and marketing animal health products.

The facility will consist of a 30,000 square-foot complex on an 8.6 acre site, which will focus on researching and producing vaccines, feed additives and animal health products.

Huvepharma plans to build two connected buildings on the site consisting of offices, microbiology labs and extensive animal research facilities, specializing in vaccine testing and development.

This Pennsylvania headquarters project is estimated to cost $4.67 million and will create several new jobs for local job seekers within the research industry. The facility will also spark additional business opportunities for suppliers in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

A great amount of Huvepharma’s success lies in the internal R&D conducted and ultimately this has been a significant driving factor in making it such an established and successful global company. The following R&D center will aid in further strengthening and advancing its research and production and will allow for the company to continue growing and developing.

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