Famous “Drumstick” Ice Cream Has Been Around Since 1926- Parker Products Taking Part in Research and Development to Deliver for Customers

I think we can all agree and say that ice cream is a part of childhood. Having it all over your face as well as your clothes, and maybe even the floor was just part of it. The famous Drumstick ice cream cones have been around since 1928, created by Parker Products. Parker is taking part in research and development (R&D) to better their products.

Parker is known for it’s Drumstick novelty ice cream and consumers can count on the taste. The company has done such a good job that in 2016 the business did a refresh and substituted more natural and organic ingredients, with consumers not tasting a difference. This process is R&D activity as Parker was testing methods to keep the same taste, but improve ingredients to customer standards.

Parker Products Fort Worth (FW) has partnered up with The Riverside Co. Parker is a developer and manufacturer for not only ice cream but many ingredients used by food and beverage companies. Riverside is a private equity firm focused on making investments. The growth of Parker is apparent due to the research and development (R&D) department and the willingness to quickly adapt to meet market demands.

The food industry is constantly changing, and consumers are demanding more unique products. With the help of Riverside, Parker will deliver these needs more than ever. If your company is engaging in R&D to enhance flavors or better your manufacturing systems contact a Swanson Reed R&D Tax Advisor today.

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