Flight Works Alabama Project Seeks To Educate Aerospace Professionals

A new instructional facility is set to be constructed in Alabama by Airbus. The state’s governor, Kay Ivey, joined top level executives from the company and commended their efforts. Ivey had initially announced the plans to put up the center in May 2017, in an effort to encourage young minds to pursue aerospace-related professions and in addition boost the state’s workforce development efforts. The facility is due to be operational by the end of 2019.

The Chief Executive Officer of Airbus stated that in the contemporary world, companies need to focus on both the present and the future. He added that Airbus needed a skilled and knowledgeable workforce that is ready for the future.

The new project, Flight Works Alabama, will be built on an 18,000- square-foot piece of land and will include classrooms, workshops, a large exhibition area and a collaboration room. It will be located near Airbus’s airplane manufacturing plant in Brookley.

It is worth noting that this industry is filled with high demand jobs and innovative developments. As such, the new facility is set to become a hub to explore educational opportunities. Governor Ivey said that it is important to show Alabamians what the aerospace industry can offer them, especially as the state grows in this area.

Both educational partners and community sponsors have come together to provide opportunities for adults seeking new or enhanced industry skills. These include the Auburn University, Coastal Alabama Community College, University of Alabama and the University of West Alabama. Other sponsorships are in development.

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