Florida Patent of the Month – November 2023

KNWN Technologies, Inc. is working to build reliability into biometric security. In line with this mission, the company is developing the technology needed to support multi-factor biometric digital identities, and the authentication protocols to go along with them. The issue with usernames and passwords, is they can be guessed. Biometric authentication is simply harder to hack.

The company has recently been granted a patent for their proprietary approach to encryption keys. Their approach involves a meticulous process of verifying entity identifying information, ranging from biometrics to DNA. Once the identity is confirmed, an access key is generated. This key is associated with a one-time pad (OTP). This access key is transmitted to a satellite, where the key pair is stored. When the need arises to access this encrypted message, the satellite responds to a request, retrieving the access key and OTP key associated with the encrypted message, unlocking the information securely stored in the satellite vault.

This method isn’t just about secure communication; it’s a testament to the commitment to privacy and trust. This tokenized and fragmented data management system can be easily integrated to bring biometric authentication to any device. KNWN Technologies is bridging the gap between physical and digital identities, using our essence to secure our data.

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