Harnessing Sustainable Power: Goosebay Sawmill & Lumber’s Research and Development Journey

Goosebay Sawmill & Lumber, a prominent business in New Hampshire, is set to embark on an exciting venture thanks to new federal funding. With a focus on renewable energy and clean water initiatives, this investment aims to revitalize water infrastructure and introduce solar power to the business.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development program, in collaboration with Congresswoman Annie Kuster, D-NH, is spearheading this transformative endeavor. The objective is twofold: expanding access to clean energy and creating essential infrastructure in rural communities across New Hampshire.

Congresswoman Kuster, a strong advocate for renewable energy, emphasizes the significance of this endeavor. She believes that supporting clean energy technology and reinforcing clean water infrastructure are essential for the state’s development. During a recent visit to Goosebay Sawmill & Lumber and Woody Hollow Cooperative, Kuster witnessed firsthand the positive impact that federal resources will have on these communities.

The funding for these initiatives has been secured through the Rural Energy for America Program and Water and Environmental Programs. Goosebay Sawmill & Lumber will receive a substantial grant of $44,602 from the Rural Energy for America Program. This grant will be dedicated to the purchase and installation of two solar arrays, a transformative step towards harnessing sustainable energy for the business.

Meanwhile, Woody Hollow will benefit from a generous grant of $800,000 and a $156,000 loan through the Water and Environmental Programs. This financial support will enable the community to replace its aging water infrastructure, ensuring access to clean and reliable water for all residents.

Carl Mahlstedt, the owner of Goosebay Sawmill & Lumber, expressed his excitement about the USDA Rural Development grant. He emphasized the positive impact it will have on their operations and the significant cost savings on energy expenses. By embracing solar energy, Goosebay Sawmill & Lumber is positioning itself as a leader in sustainable practices while bolstering its long-term viability.

The infusion of federal funding into these ventures signifies a pivotal moment for Goosebay Sawmill & Lumber and the local community. By embracing renewable energy and revitalizing water infrastructure, these initiatives will pave the way for a more sustainable future. 

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