Hawaii Patent of the Month – January 2024

We’ve all been there – showing up to an event or a reservation and driving around in circles, trying to find parking, becoming more frustrated with each already filled space passing you by. PARKLINQ Corp decided it was time for a smarter, easier way to park – and there is no app needed. The company built a platform that handles the logistics of finding and paying for parking using a QR code based system.

While our frustrations are quelled, it’s often overlooked just how much technology goes into a solution like this. Recently, the company has been granted a patent for their attribute validation logistics – the very system that underlays their platform. This innovative system, designed to manage requests for user attribute information, seamlessly integrates computing devices and processing systems, ushering in a new era of efficiency and precision.

At its core, the system comprises a multitude of computing devices, each equipped to generate requests for user attribute information linked to specific locations. The backbone of this invention is the user attribute information request processing service, a sophisticated entity residing in one or more computing systems. This service, powered by advanced algorithms and processing rules, orchestrates the entire operation.

When a request for user attribute information is received, the system springs into action. It not only identifies the location within a geographic area but also analyzes captured information associated with an identified user. One remarkable feature is the utilization of images depicting identification cards as part of the verification process, demonstrating a commitment to robust user authentication.

Crucially, the system employs profiles associated with the identified location, defining processing rules for determining financial rate information. These profiles consider various factors, including location attributes and timing information, ensuring a nuanced and adaptive approach to financial rate determination.

The processing result, a culmination of the intricate verification and rule-based processing, includes the identification of financial rate information applicable to the user attribute request. This result is then transmitted back to the requesting device, closing the loop with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

PARKLINQ’s system goes beyond mere attribute processing; it facilitates the completion of financial transactions based on the processed user attribute information. Additionally, the system is equipped to fetch additional information from third-party services, enriching the user attribute data and expanding its utility.

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