Hawaii Patent of the Month – November 2023

Rocicorp LLC directs their expertise to making tools that help web developers make better software. The independent distributed software company has been granted a patent for their approach to offline-first application development. 

No matter how connected you may be, network connectivity is never a guarantee. Some apps have overcome this, creating an “always-on” experience by making their app operational even when offline. This can only be achieved when the code and data required for it to function is not dependent on the network connection.

Rocicorp achieves offline-first with an innovative synchronization system. This offline-first strategy redefines the user experience, ensuring responsiveness and reliability, even when internet connectivity falters. Rocicorp’s bidirectional synchronization system allows multiple users to edit shared data locally, without relying on constant server confirmation. It’s achieved by queuing changes chronologically. It’s a game-changer, especially in scenarios where high interactivity and shared data access are essential.

The complexity of bidirectional sync is handled with finesse by Rocicorp’s system. It ensures that all changes from multiple clients eventually sync with the server, maintaining the integrity of the data. Handling conflicts, where changes made on one device might contradict another, is achieved using a form of server reconciliation. The architecture resolves these conflicts without compromising the validity of the data, which is vital in various applications, such as calendars, ensuring that the results are consistent across all clients.

Rocicorp’s system also provides server-side flexibility and the minimization of necessary changes. Unlike many existing solutions, this system doesn’t demand specific database systems on the server side, making it adaptable and convenient for users. 

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