Illinois Patent of the Month – February 2023

Urban Sky LLC is working to develop new solutions for the world of property management, leveraging IoT technologies to enhance control and profitability for building owners. As a part of this mission, the company has developed a smart building system to support property management.

Managing multi-dwelling units can quickly become complex as you need to consider entrance systems, locks, laundry systems, security, utilities and more. Legacy systems typically address each of these aspects separately. Urban Sky’s solution brings all aspects of managing a property, especially a multi-dwelling property, into a single platform. The system also allows for remote-controlled devices, such as an intelligent opening system, appliance control device, and multi-port coaxial cable switching device, which solves traditional problems in multi-dwelling units.

Traditional entrance systems typically require a resident to be present to grant access to visitors or require them to carry around a key or fob that could be lost, misplaced or stolen. However, the intelligent opening system enables residents to open and close doors remotely from a portal using a portable electronic device. The appliance control device allows residents to pay for laundry using a fob that can be loaded with money through the portal. It also enables residents to check if an appliance is in use and designate the time they want the appliance to start.

Similarly, the multi-port coaxial cable switching device is connected to the portal, automatically connecting or disconnecting a residential unit from services based on payment. The technology eliminates the need for redundant satellite dishes or service hardware, which saves time and costs for residential users, owners, and managers. The smart building system technology is easily and efficiently installed through pre-configured parts custom-made to fit the particular building in which they will be installed.

Urban Sky’s smart building system technology converts pre-existing legacy systems into efficient and cost-saving smart building systems. The remote-controlled devices  make living in multi-dwelling units more convenient for residents. The technology also saves time and costs for residential users, owners, and managers, and eliminates redundant satellite dishes or service hardware. Urban Sky’s invention is a game-changer in building and property management, ensuring buildings will work for owners, rather than the other way around.

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