Illinois Patent of the Month – January 2024

Part of the allure of going out for drinks is the ability to order whatever you want off the menu, relying on the bartender’s skill to pull together a delicious drink. Bartesian Corp. is bringing this world of flavor to your home with a new at-home cocktail maker. Their product makes making your own drink as simple as ordering from a bartender. 

The company has recently been granted a patent for their cocktail maker and the technology that supports it. The most recent patent covers the fluid delivery subsystem which uses an injection assembly to deliver and mix together a bar-worthy cocktail.

The apparatus boasts a sophisticated design, featuring a series of reservoirs, each supplying a distinct fluid to an injection assembly with a single fluid input. What sets this invention apart is its fluid delivery manifold, a marvel of engineering that defines a chamber with individual inlets for each reservoir and a single, streamlined outlet. Precision is the key, with a dedicated valve for each chamber inlet, allowing for seamless control over the flow of fluids.

The injection assembly comprises a pump, an injector, and a conduit linking them. A controller orchestrates the fluid dance, strategically opening valves to release fluids into the chamber while simultaneously empowering the pump to draw the released fluid for delivery to the injector. The result is a harmonious infusion of flavors, controlled with the finesse of a maestro.

The apparatus includes a flow sensor within the injection assembly, creating a closed-loop system that ensures precise measurements. The output conduit extends between the chamber outlet and the single fluid input at the flow sensor, maintaining a seamless flow of liquid artistry.

The innovation extends to the very structure of the device. Linear action solenoid valves, masterfully integrated into the fluid delivery manifold, allow for efficient and reliable control. With chamber inlets strategically placed at a lower elevation and reservoirs at a higher elevation, gravity becomes an ally in the fluid journey.

Bartesian’s invention doesn’t merely stop at functionality; it addresses common challenges in existing systems. Leaky conduits, wear and tear, and contamination are mitigated through a thoughtful design that minimizes wear and eliminates residual fluid accumulation.

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