Iowa Patent of the Month – January 2024

In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, innovation is key to meeting the demands of an increasingly connected and automated world. Grace Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in the field, introduces a groundbreaking system designed to seamlessly integrate cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) technologies with industrial automation systems. This invention, recently granted a patent, promises to address critical issues in the Industrial IoT Market.

The core of this invention lies in a comprehensive system for collecting and managing data from industrial processes. At its heart are data acquisition modules and gateway modules that collaborate with an industrial automation system. These modules communicate with each other and with a cloud-based platform, providing a flexible and reconfigurable framework for industrial IoT integration.

Key to the system is the cloud-based platform, equipped with sophisticated software running on processors. This platform features a user interface that not only displays and changes configuration parameters but also generates a system configuration file. This file, a memory map in essence, is instrumental in configuring devices within the industrial automation system.

The system offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing modifications to the number of data acquisition modules, channels of sensor data, processed information, and communication relationships between modules. Additionally, the system facilitates communication via various interfaces, including industrial networks like EtherNet/IP, wired interfaces, and wireless interfaces, ensuring adaptability to diverse industrial environments.

A significant aspect of Grace Technologies’ invention is the integration method itself. It addresses the historical challenges faced by industrial IoT, such as isolated problem-solving, cybersecurity risks, and poor integration with legacy systems. By providing a seamless, secure, and adaptable integration solution, the invention aims to propel the Industrial IoT Market to new heights.

As the industry moves towards remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, Grace Technologies’ invention emerges as a game-changer. By offering a unified, user-friendly interface and robust integration capabilities, this system promises to unlock the full potential of Industrial IoT, making data-driven decision-making a reality for industrial enterprises. The future of industrial automation is here, and it’s powered by Grace Technologies’ innovative remote monitoring solution.

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