Illinois Patent of the Month – July 2023

Traditionally, in order to have your eyes tested, you would need to visit an optometrist and undergo a series of vision tests before you could obtain a prescription for glasses. Visibly, Inc. is revolutionizing this process with the world’s first FDA-cleared online vision test.

Using a combination of hand-portable electronic devices and computerized screens, Visibly’s system allows individuals to determine their own refractive errors and receive prescriptions without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

The patient would simply position themselves 10 ft from the computer screen and begin interacting with the vision test displayed. This includes being presented with various figures and diagrams. The user can input answers on their phone, identifying features of the diagrams. For instance, one diagram may include the standard Snellen chart which has 11 rows of letters in increasingly smaller font size. Based on the interactions and patient input, the system can determine specific measurements such as axis, cylinder, and sphere prescriptions for each eye.

Visibly’s system ensures accuracy by incorporating calibration steps which use objects with known dimensions (e.g. standard credit card) to act as reference objects. Once calibrated, the test takes less than 6 minutes to complete.

Visibly Inc.’s approach has the power to transform the way we access vision testing and prescriptions. In order to ensure there is no compromise in quality or health, the prescription results are reviewed by a licensed doctor prior to release. Their user-friendly system empowers individuals to take control of their eye health, save time, and reduce costs. It can also be implemented by optometrists and doctors to streamline pre-screening and prescription renewal visits.

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