Illinois Patent of the Month – October 2023

Online video content is an exponentially growing industry with users consuming content on multiple apps every day. In order to ensure content creators can be paid for their work, these apps often become riddled with ads, many of which are fairly intrusive. StreamLayer, Inc. is transforming this video viewing experience, by creating an interactive viewing platform. This visionary approach will benefit both viewers and OTT providers, generating new revenue opportunities all while delivering a game-changing entertainment experience to the audience.

At its core, StreamLayer connects users to a multitude of content providers, third-party service providers, and third-party content providers. This integration sets the stage for an enriched video-watching journey.

One key feature of StreamLayer is the on-screen tracking overlay. Imagine watching a sports game, and as you do, real-time statistics, player details, or even social media feeds relevant to the game seamlessly appear on your screen. StreamLayer makes this possible by allowing users to interact with these overlays using selectable buttons.

StreamLayer also enables the integration of content from third-party service providers and content providers. Suppose you’re watching a documentary about wildlife and suddenly want more information about a particular animal or habitat. With StreamLayer, you can select a button associated with the third-party service provider’s information and a second video program stream with embedded overlay content related to your selection seamlessly takes over your screen.

StreamLayer incorporates machine learning to extract video program data and generate overlays. This opens the door to limitless possibilities for enhancing the viewing experience. Whether it’s providing additional context to a news report, offering educational insights during a documentary, or engaging with live event commentary, StreamLayer adapts to meet your informational needs.

In a world where traditional advertising can be disruptive, StreamLayer takes a different approach. It offers a platform where advertising can complement the content, engaging viewers rather than frustrating them. This means seamless transitions between content and ads, creating a win-win situation for both users and advertisers.

These overlays also provide a new social aspect to content consumption, letting users message and converse with minimal disruption to the content itself.

StreamLayer’s interactive video content system represents a game-changer in the realm of digital media. It empowers users to access real-time information, engage with content seamlessly, and brings innovation to the forefront of video consumption. As an invention poised to shape the future of how we experience video content, StreamLayer is a remarkable leap beyond the traditional viewing experience.

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