Indiana Patent of the Month – July 2022

Bear Archery, Inc. are experts in the design and manufacture of bows and archery equipment of all kinds. Recently, they have patented a new design for a bow stabilizer which uses a floating weight. Bow stabilizers are meant to reduce vibration when the archer releases an arrow, stabilizing the bow by increasing its inertia.

The stabilizer is designed with a riser, handle, and a pair of limbs. This quad limb arrangement supports a rotational, idler wheel at the limb tips. This allows rotary movement about the axles. When the bow is drawn, the idler wheel and an attached cam rotate, feeding out cable and bending the limb assembly. The limbs bend inward causing energy to be stored within. Release of the bowstring causes each of these pieces to return to a rest position. The idler wheel and cam rotate in the opposite direction, taking up the bowstring and launching the arrow with energy proportional to the stored energy.

The stabilizer is made of a vibration reducing material and equipped with a counterweight to achieve stabilization at full draw. The weight is mounted to the stabiliizer’s shaft and spaced inward away from the core housing. This arrangement has both the shaft and inner weight arranged in a floating manner so that oscillation of the shaft and the inner weight do not impact the core housing. The counterweight can be adjusted to better match the bow in use. For instance, a heavier weight can counterbalance a bow which generates more vibration, while a lighter weight may be used with a bow generating less vibration. 

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