Iowa Patent of the Month – January 2023

MākuSafe Corp are the developers of, MākuSafe®, an award-winning Safety, Data & Analytics solution aimed at improving worker health, safety, and productivity while reducing incidents and mitigating workplace hazards and risk exposures. The solution combines a safety management software platform with wearable technology which provides immediate access to real-time EHS data with predictive value. 

The wearable device is equipped with a set of biometric sensors and wireless communication technologies. The sensors track both infrared temperature and traditional temperature. The wearable device is worn by the worker and records their position data, storing it in a central database. A touchless user interface uses (UI) facial recognition to obtain a personal identifier from each worker.

The data processing system is communicatively connected to the sensors and the UI and is configured to determine the worker’s identity using the personal identifier and receive a temperature measurement taken by the biometric sensors. The system compares the temperature measurement to a threshold temperature or to a baseline temperature stored in a database to determine if the worker is in normal health. In the event that the worker is not in normal health, the data processing system performs contact tracing based on the position data to identify other workers who may have had recent contact with the worker. The system also sends an alert message to the manager and restricts access to company resources.

This contact tracing capability is a key feature, preventing the spread of contagious diseases by identifying all other workers who may have been in recent contact with the contagious worker. The data processing system uses the position data for the worker to identify one or more zones where the worker spent significant time and identifies other workers who visited the same zones, evaluating how long they spent in this vicinity to assess risk.

In addition to monitoring the health and safety of workers, the system also includes a time-keeping system that screens the worker’s health when clocking in or out. The touchless user interface is equipped with a cleaning system that disinfects the interface after each use.

The system also tracks trends, using AI and machine learning to predict dangerous conditions and generate alerts and recommended actions for leadership. MākuSafe® has shown to reduce workers’ comp claims frequency by 50% or more, and claims severity by 90%.

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