Kansas Patent of the Month – October 2023

Traditional powered concrete screeds are equipped with rotatable drums that help to mix and pour concrete. Unfortunately, these drums are often difficult to move and transport due to the excessively long drums. Curb Roller, LLC (Curb Roller Manufacturing) has been granted a patent for their modular concrete screed system that promises to improve transportation without compromising the way concrete is laid and leveled.

The heart of this innovative system is a concrete screed drum designed with multiple interchangeable drum sections. These drum sections can be easily connected end-to-end, allowing for a flexible and customizable approach to concrete work. Unlike traditional screed systems that rely on continuous, cumbersome drums, Curb Roller Manufacturing’s design offers a more practical and manageable solution.

Each drum section features a concrete-forming outer surface, designed to engage and level concrete as the drum rotates. What sets this system apart is its user-friendly approach to assembly and disassembly. The connection ends of the drum sections are constructed to be identical, making it possible to interconnect them effortlessly. This interchangeability not only simplifies transportation but also enhances versatility on job sites of various sizes.

Alignment elements within the connection ends play a crucial role in ensuring that the drum sections align perfectly, creating a consistent and level surface. To further facilitate alignment, an adapter is provided, which cooperates with the alignment elements, guaranteeing a common axis of rotation for the drum.

Fasteners secure the interconnected connection ends, creating a robust and reliable connection. These fasteners are strategically placed within the fastener pockets of the connection ends, ensuring stability and durability during operation.

In addition to its practicality and ease of use, the modular concrete screed system maintains a constant diameter along its length. This consistency results in a smoother and more precise finish on concrete surfaces.

To power the drum, a dedicated power unit is provided. This unit features a drive housing and a powered drive mechanism with a rotatable drive shaft. The drive shaft connects seamlessly to the drum, enabling efficient and controlled operation.

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